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Whether You Are Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, Fat Gripz Will Help You Get Gig Biceps And Forearms Faster
Fat Gripz One Series
Fat Gripz One
Primary Use

Functional Training For Size and Strength Development On All Exercises

Best For

Pull-Ups, Deadlifts & Bench Press

Outer Diameter

1.75 in / 4.45 cm

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Most popular Fat Gripz
Fat Gripz Original
Primary Use

Targeted Arm Training — Best for Building Big Arms

Best For

All Variations of Bicep Curls and All Axel Bar Training

Outer Diameter

2.25 in / 5.72 cm

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Fat Gripz Extreme
Fat Gripz Extreme
Primary Use

Specialized Grip Training — Best for Pro Strength Athletes

Best for

Farmers Walks, Dumbbell Holds and other Strongman Exercises

Outer Diameter

2.75 in / 6.99 cm

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Best value Fat Gripz Bundle
Fat Gripz Total Progression Bundle
Primary Use

Complete Size and Strength Progression

Best for

All Exercises For Complete Muscle and Strength Development

Outer Diameter

All Sizes Included

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Fat Gripz Cost Less Than A Month's Supply Of Protein And Will Help You Build Muscle And Strength For A Lifetime

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Fat Gripz Unboxing and Review

Check out an unboxing and full review of Fat Gripz (completely independent and unsolicited) and find out how they work right out of the box

Video Run Time / 3 Mins 17 Seconds

How to Use Fat Gripz

Learn how to use Fat Gripz in your training from world famous strength coach, Joe Defranco, who has worked with players on all 32 NFL teams

Video Run Time / 4 Mins 24 Seconds