The research has shown that using thick-grip implements recruits more motor units [muscle fibres] especially in the elbow flexors [biceps and brachialis] Charles Poliquin

Research and real-world evidence has shown that biceps respond best to 8–24 "work sets" (i.e. sets of 8–12 reps that are hard to complete) per week with the sweet spot for most people usually around 12–20 sets.

Research and anecdotal evidence has shown that triceps respond best to 6-20 “work sets” (i.e. sets of 8-12 reps that are hard to complete) per week with the sweet spot for most people usually around 10-16.

Like most muscle groups, biceps and triceps respond best to being trained 1-3 times per week (you just split the weekly volume in points 1 and 3 above between training sessions - don’t do that much volume in each session! :)). Deciding whether to train each muscle group once a week or multiple times a week is based what you find works best for you and on personal preference.

Any bodypart that you want to prioritize needs focus. That usually means giving it its own day each week so that you train that muscle group when you are fresh and really concentrate on it and give that muscle the required weight and volume.

Knowing some very basic anatomy is useful for anyone who wants to build muscle. For example, the biceps muscle has two “heads” or sections and the triceps muscle has three “heads” or sections. This means that for biceps you should include at least one type of biceps curl with the wrists supinated (turning your palms up to face you) and one tap of biceps curl with the wrists neutral (palms facing each other - this is often called a “hammer curl”). For triceps you should include at least one type of tricep extension with the elbows beside the body, one tricep extension with the elbows in front of the body and one tricep extension with the elbow above the body.

Train with Fat Gripz or thick bars. As Charles Poliquin (world famous strength coach and trainer of over 400 Olympic athletes and many champion bodybuilders) says “The research has shown that using thick-grip implements recruits more motor units [muscle fibres] especially in the elbow flexors [biceps and brachialis]” so using Fat Gripz can makes a huge difference to the size of your arms and how quickly they grow. Here at, we created Fat Gripz when we learned how many pro athletes and old-time bodybuilders had used thick bars to develop massive arm size and strength and then found how well they worked when we tested them ourselves. Unfortunately, these days, thick bars and thick-handled dumbbells are very expensive and very rare so we created Fat Gripz to make the benefits of thick bar training available and affordable to everyone. We are very proud that today Fat Gripz are used extensively by many: military (they are used by the U.S. Special Forces Expeditionary Warfare Group and the British Royal Marine Commandos), champion bodybuilders, NFL teams, NBA players and athletes across physique and strength sports.

And finally, a word of caution: when starting any kind of exercise program or changing your training, start slowly and gently. This not only makes it safer but also more sustainable and your body can respond better to the gradually increasing training volume and intensity. (Of course, you should always consult a licensed physician before beginning any new training program.)

Of course, as with everything in life, recommendations from knowledgeable people are a good place to start but ultimately you need to test different approaches for yourself and see what works best for you.

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Fat Gripz One
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Pull-Ups, Deadlifts & Bench Press

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Specialized Grip Training — Best for Pro Strength Athletes

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Farmers Walks, Dumbbell Holds and other Strongman Exercises

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